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Celebrating a decade building the essential skills for success

A huge thank you to all our partners, supporters and friends who attended our 10 Years Celebration Event on 28th November, generously hosted by our longstanding partner UBS. It was a fantastic opportunity to share stories from across the Partnership, and reflect on our journey together over the last decade.

We've put together a 10 Years video featuring voices from across the Partnership talking about their experience of the Skills Builder approach. We've also produced our Impact Report 2019, which captures what's been going on and the difference it has made.

As we move into our next chapter, we're more confident than ever that if we work together, we can ensure everyone builds the essential skills to succeed.

With thanks

- Tom Ravenscroft, Founder & CEO

Click here to see the 10 Years video

It's been great this year to see continued growth in the number of schools and colleges we've been able to support - 514 in the last year. Over the last ten years, we've delivered more than 490,000 student programmes through the hard work of the thousands of teachers we've trained and supported. In addition, the new Skills Builder Hub allows us to support any individual teacher with tools and curriculum resources - whether they are a partnered school or not.

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Over the last ten years, employers have been a vital part of our work. This support comes in different ways. Most of our employer partners host inspirational workplace trips for students from local schools, helping students see the links between the essential skills built in class and the working world. We're deeply grateful for our strategic partners, who support our growth and impact financially. Finally, some of our employer partners are beginning to use the Skills Builder approach in their own outreach work.

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We've extended our work to include a much broader set of skills-building organisations, helping them integrate our approach to increase the impact. All of the organisations we work with are united by a shared belief in our common mission that everyone can build essential skills. The strength of the Partnership comes from the diversity of those organisations. Their focuses include sports, the arts, entrepreneurship, exploration, literacy, careers and more.

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Our Impact Report 2019 tells the full story of the last decade, exploring how our work with educators, employers and skills-building organisations has developed.

It also takes a detailed look at the impact our approach has had on the children and young people we work with through our education partners.

Download Impact Report 2019

We're deeply grateful for all your support so far. Working together is by far the best way to effect real change - so please do continue to spread the word about the Skills Builder Partnership.