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Employer Insights: Amey
August 18, 2022

Skills Builder Partnership works with cross-sector employers and non-profits to embed essential skills into a variety of contexts.

By joining the Employer Programme, employers are provided with the tools, training, resources and deep expertise to support skills development across their outreach, recruitment, and staff learning and development. This can help address challenges around building a talent pipeline, creating a diverse and inclusive organisation, and improving retention through long-term investment in their staff. 

The Skills Builder Universal Framework provides a complete approach for building essential skills across a business, and dozens of employers have already successfully introduced the Framework to resolve fundamental organisational needs. 

At Partnership Day 2022, we featured spotlight sessions for these employers and non-profits to show first-hand the impact of introducing Skills Builder approaches.

Our work with Amey

Amey is a leading infrastructure business with around 10,000 employees operating across the UK.

Sara Bowler from Amey explained how Amey's work with Skills Builder began by embedding our approach into their existing Kickstarter programme, which brought younger talent into the business and facilitated career pathways for the communities they worked with.

Skills Builder supported with measuring essential skills progress throughout Kickstarters' programme journeys, enabling Amey to identify impact and support participants to either join the business or progress confidently into the next stage of their career.

Amey's excellent work in deploying the Skills Builder approach and Universal Framework has earned them Skills Builder Bronze Excellence Mark accreditation. They're continuing to work with us in 2022-23 to progress to Silver.

Watch the video below to find out more...

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