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Five schools explore the world of finance at First State Investments
July 5, 2018

Schools who work with Enabling Enterprise often choose to include business trips as part of their programme. They know that applying the essential skills in a new context, while experiencing a day in a real workplace, is both inspiring and has a high impact on skill development.

Today's exciting Enterprise Competition was an opportunity for 5 teams of young people to represent their schools and engage in an exciting challenge within the inspiring First State location in Central London.

Volunteers from First State Investments collaborated on a finance challenge with students from five London schools

As this was their first Enabling Enterprise experience, these students were introduced to all of the skills they would use throughout the day and then focussed on strategies for effective 'Teamwork'. Supported by outstanding volunteers from First State Investments, they explored how factors such as time constraints may impact the approach to Teamwork and then applied this as their tasks varied during the day.

Students got the opportunity to quiz volunteers on how they use the essential skills in their everyday work

The student teams interviewed the volunteers to find out about their roles within this dynamic organisation, before touring the premises. This included a visit to the trading floor which was the perfect way to introduce the core challenge - taking on the role of stock market traders! As the teams learned about different companies and attempted to make the best investments for their client, they also explored the importance of the skill 'Staying Positive' and developed strategies such as using positive language to support and motivate other team members.

‍Students learned about the research done before investing in resource operations, such as mining
"They were all outstanding teams. They showed different strengths and varied approaches to the tasks and all of these were very well reasoned with an effort to ensure the entire team agreed." - Volunteer, First State Investments
"The students gained a lot from this experience, specifically building confidence, improving their teamwork and a positive mindset and viewing a working environment in action. It was a fantastic day - thank you!" - Teacher, Chingford Foundation School
‍The volunteers showed students around their own workspaces

The day culminated in 'Presenting' some of the outcomes of the investment decisions and, more importantly, sharing what skills had been utilised effectively throughout the challenge. The students proudly represented each of their schools and impressed each of the volunteers in their professionalism, enthusiasm and confidence. It was a pleasure to welcome each of these students to First State and I would not be surprised to see some of them applying to work here in the future!

‍The marketing department answered questions about how they collaborate and use their Creativity skills
"It's important that you don't make your aims unrealistic, because if you fail then you'll be demotivated. At the same time, aiming too low is boring - so it's about balancing the two." - Student
"When supporting people in your team, it's all about the tone of voice. People can tell if you don't mean it, so you have to make sure you say things in a sincere way so people really believe you." - Student

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