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A global community bringing essential skills to life

Earlier this year, we hosted our very first networking event for our global education and impact organisation partners. 

Organisations and education partners from the UK, India, Egypt, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Africa, Lebanon, Venezuela came together virtually to celebrate the true value of the partnership - by learning from each other, networking with like minded thinkers internationally. 

Our global reach

The session opened with an engaging talk from Cecilia Pugliese of the International Labour Organization (ILO), a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social and economic justice by setting international labour standards. 

Celicia Pugliese spoke of the transformative changes that the world of work is undergoing globally, pointing to 21st century, or core skills as an important aspect for many of these areas of transformation. Going beyond technical skills, “we need to focus on the skills that apply to all jobs … so we can strengthen the capacity of all people and ages to flexibly adapt to world changes”. 

The ILO is in the process of developing a toolkit to integrate core skills into national education and training systems as well as on how to assess, certify and recognise them. We are pleased that our work at Skills Builder Partnership will feature in this toolkit. 

The session also saw global partners share fantastic examples of how they are exploring Principle 6: Bring it to life, with Al-Kawthar Secondary School presenting some of their insights and best practice on how they’re bringing essential skills to life. The School is using varied formats like career exhibitions, debating, surveys and projects to focus on Principle 6. As a result they’ve seen that learning has been impactful, engaging and allowed students to have fun while independently applying the essential skills. 

The session highlighted the variety of different partners working with the same Universal Framework in different parts of the world, how large multinational organisations like the ILO value essential skills, and how different partners are linking the essential skills between education and the wider world in Principle 6: Bring it to Life.

We know our partners really value the opportunity to network and meet other leaders who are developing the Skills Builder approach in their context. The value of the Partnership is when everyone is sharing and learning together, so it's fantastic to be able to do this on a global scale!

Thank you to all who attended and took part.

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