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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Sparking conversations between students, employers, and employees

Last week the Skills Builder team was busy liaising with employers and schools across the UK to deliver a successful week of Virtual Employer Q&As: Essential skills at Global Entrepreneurship Week - free to everyone on our education programmes.

146 volunteers from 26 employer organisations came along to talk to primary, secondary and college students from across 24 schools and 31 classes - almost one thousand students total. Volunteers answered students’ most pressing questions around the business, career aspirations, their roles, and how they use essential skills throughout their working and wider lives.

Volunteers, teachers, and students alike also shared their thoughts on the sessions with us.

"Thank you so much for facilitating this - the children loved the session - so many were inspired and want future careers like our volunteers today. We will be booking another if possible later in the year."
"Class 11 really enjoyed talking to your volunteers today - thank you."
"The session was great, the kids were really inspired - as was I."

A massive thank you to everyone who took part: from the volunteers and staff for supporting with organising it, to the members of the Skills Builder team who supported on delivery, and to the students themselves for their fantastic and insightful questions and comments. 

Here are just a handful… 

  • Q: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” A: "On a beach, I retire in 18 months."
  • “If you had a job and it was a really good job but it didn't make you that much money would you stay with it?"
  • “Which essential skill is most important in your job?”
  • “If you could be in a Netflix show which would it be?”
  • “What sort of problems do you solve at work?”
  • "Who changed your life and helped you on your career path?"
  • “What shoes are you wearing?” 
  • "Is an entrepreneur a dinosaur?"