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Global Spotlight: Pragnya Bodhini High School, India

Every month, our new Global Spotlight series will showcase examples of best practice in teaching and building the eight essential skills across international settings.

First up: Pragnya Bodhini High School. Stay tuned for more!

About Pragnya Bodhini

"Marks? Yes, they're important. But I believe that today it's about the skills that will help learners navigate their way through the complexities of this dynamic world out there."

Pragnya Bodhini High School is a co-ed state school in Mumbai, India. Catering for students of 3-14 years from a wide range of backgrounds, Pragnya Bodhini had long focused on skills development prior to working with Skills Builder Partnership. They then joined the Global Accelerator programme to provide structure to their essential skills teaching and embed the Universal Framework into the curriculum.

Watch the below video to learn how they've been finding the experience.

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