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How can parents and carers support essential skills development at home?

This week, we launched our brand new home learning platform: Skills Builder Homezone.

Unlike the Home Learning Hub – which was our direct rapid Covid response – Homezone has been specifically created with a parent and carer audience in mind to use at home with their children and young people.

We held an Education Webinar to help you get to grips with everything that’s new. Our Lead Associate for Parents and Carers, Alison Gale, was joined by fantastic guest speakers with a range of expertise in education and home learning support:

• Chris Johnson, Y6 teacher, UKS2 Phase Leader and Creative Curriculum Leader

• James Tristram, Enterprise Stream Lead, Shaftesbury Park Primary

• Leanne, Year 5 Parent Shaftsbury Park Primary

• Charlotte Fryatt, Senior Education Associate

• Laura Jones, Senior Education Associate Product

So what did we learn about Homezone and its uses?

For parents and carers

With Homezone, there are lots more opportunities to learn and teach essential skills in the comfort of your own home. Parents and carers can:

• Access family activities at home to build essential skills

• Get the whole family involved with weekly skill challenges

• Enjoy time with their child as they build skills to suit their needs and schedules

• Support older children to independently use tools such as Skills Builder Benchmark and Skills Builder Launchpad

Homezone is for every family. With your support, it will reach the families who need it most, so that all parents and carers can be confident in helping their child to learn and develop these highly transferable essential skills.

For schools

We recommend schools – Skills Leaders, senior leaders, and teachers – use Homezone to further:

• Engage parents and carers in their child’s learning and skill development

• Promote conversations at home about essential skills to reinforce any learning taking place in school

• Encourage families to try activities together, from supporting children who are getting started with their skills, to guiding older children and young adults to work independently and master skills

Homezone will strengthen the partnership between home and school. It will unlock untapped potential, and give children additional (and enjoyable) opportunities to use and develop their essential skills with their families.  

Want to find out more?

As well as the webinar, you can watch the tutorial video below which shows you how to navigate the Homezone online platform.