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How Gilbertstone Primary School are embedding the essential skills
September 10, 2018

Gilbertstone Primary School in South Yardley, Birmingham, have worked with Enabling Enterprise over the last 5 years, committed to ensuring that all their pupils, aged 4 to 11 years-old are building the Essential Skills to thrive. 

Developing skills is at the heart of the school curriculum.  Working closely with their EE Education Associate, school leaders have developed a programme of support and opportunities tailored to meet the needs of their pupils.

Teachers rigorously assess their children’s skills using Skills Builder to understand their strengths and next areas for development. This is put into practice as every child takes part in regular focussed lessons where they get taught the skills and then use and apply them during real-life projects.

Each year the school uses EE Lesson Time Projects and Challenge Days to provide focused opportunities to teach and develop their pupils Essential skills.   The school has run ‘parent and child’ workshops to encourage an awareness of how the essential skills are important at home too.

To reinforce these skills beyond the classroom, the school provide groups of their 7 to 11-year-olds with unique opportunities to go into a range of workplaces including law firms, construction and engineering companies,universities and hospitals.

All of this adds up to real impact.

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