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Looking back on our impact in 2020
November 5, 2020
Tom Ravenscroft
Founder & CEO

I’m pleased to be able to share the 2020 Impact Report of the Skills Builder Partnership. Download it here.

Changing work in Education

It has certainly not been the year that we originally planned for across the Partnership. Like every organisation, our initial aspirations for the year have been battered by the stark reality of the move to home-schooling in March.

However, it has also been a year when we have seen the resilience and commitment across the Partnership.

We have worked with schools and colleges to provide a complete home learning curriculum for building essential skills. We also made all our tools and resources available to educators to support them to develop the best learning opportunities for their students.

Last year, we supported 437 schools and colleges to embed the best practice principles for building essential skills that we have honed over the last decade. This included training more than 9,000 teachers, and reaching 176,000 students.

The Universal Framework and Employers

One of the biggest shifts for us this year has been the launch of the Skills Builder Universal Framework - a collaborative effort over 18 months, developed with the CBI, CIPD, Gatsby Foundation, Business in the Community, Careers & Enterprise Company and the EY Foundation.

It started from the original Skills Builder Framework, expanding on elements that were particularly relevant to the world of work, and neutralising the language to be suitable for everyone, everywhere.

This Universal Framework has supported us to extend how we work with businesses including Boots, KPMG, and Clarion Housing to support them to use the Skills Builder approach. We see a growing number of our 92 employer partners using the Framework in their outreach work, their recruitment processes, and how they train and develop their apprentices and wider staff teams.

Impact Organisations

We have continued to see strong growth in the number of impact organisations in the Partnership too – now up to 105 impact organisations. As numbers grow, we have been excited to see clusters of similar organisations growing, with an emphasis on sharing learning. The organisations in the Partnership gave 115,203 more individuals the chance to identify, review, and practice essential skills.

As we look to another challenging year, I’m encouraged by the momentum and energy across the Partnership. We see educators, employers, impact organisations, parents and carers, and individuals all working to achieve our collective mission: ensuring that one day, everyone will build the essential skills to succeed.

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