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New partner: EdPlace
May 29, 2019

We're delighted to announce that EdPlace has joined the Skills Builder Partnership!

EdPlace recognises that to make a totally accessible and inclusive education, you must build essential skills to promote learning courage. They know that these skills unlock learning in the classroom, making them imperative for progression in both formal and informal education. To widen their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities offering, and to help their community access a whole-person approach to learning, EdPlace are working collaboratively with the Skills Builder Partnership to ensure that studying and essential skills go hand in hand. This will help create a truly bespoke education that enhances natural abilities and challenges areas of difficulty, no matter the educational path chosen. Together, we will offer both a solid personalised education and a developed skill set, to create well-rounded and happy young people.

About EdPlace

EdPlace is a customisable, curriculum-aligned education platform with additional SEND and Homeschool options. You can get access to thousands of interactive online worksheets, assessments and revision materials in English, maths and science from Year 1 to GCSE. Children who use EdPlace over the course of an academic school year progress by over 150%.

EdPlace is the first and only online education content provider to offer additional SEND accessibility features across all resources, and a specialist Homeschooling hub too - all to help each child succeed.

About the Skills Builder Partnership

The Skills Builder Partnership works to ensure that one day, everyone builds the essential skills to succeed. The Partnership brings together educators, employers and other skills-building organisations around a common language and approach to building eight essential skills - all underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework and Principles.

The Partnership includes over 510 primary, secondary and special schools, as well as colleges, 130 employers and more than 50 skills-building organisations.

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