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Skills Leader Network Event 2: Bringing essential skills to life

This year, the Education Team are running a series of Network Events for our fantastic Skills Leaders across the UK. Each session focuses on a different theme, and offers the opportunity to share insights and examples of best practice from across the Partnership.

In this webinar we discussed the importance of bringing essential skills by demonstrating their relevance to the wider world beyond the classroom. 

Our Senior Education Associate, Bethan Jeffers, outlined ‘bringing it to life’ as the sixth principle of best practice and how this enables students to apply their transferable essential skills to new contexts and scenarios - and how best practice in this is recognised via Skills Builder Awards. 

We were also delighted to be joined by our guest speaker Declan Campbell. Declan is a Skills Leader at Pioneer House School, a special needs secondary and sixth form - and one of our Flagship Schools. He explained how they highly value using essential skills to work independently and took us through the various ways Pioneer House is building essential skills on Skills Builder programmes. 

You can view the webinar below. It’s timestamped so you can jump to the bits you’re most interested in.