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Supporting global educators to deliver meaningful skills education

Empowering educators across the globe

700+ education institutions in 20 countries are using the Universal Framework and Skills Builder approach to build essential skills. As we continue to grow our impact internationally, Skills Leader Training Days are a key source of support for institutions across the globe.

Setting Skills Leaders up for success 

Global Skills Leader Training Days empower Skills Leaders to deliver meaningful change in their institution. They support Skills Leaders to become “experts” in essential skills teaching, and provide an opportunity for peer learning so that everyone has an opportunity to build the essential skills to succeed.

During the training day, Skills Leaders have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the impact of the programme so far
  • Share examples best practice & hear success stories
  • Develop an understanding of the Skills Builder Principles to increase the impact of the Global Accelerator programme

Meaningful discussions on essential skills

Discussions between Skills Leaders are rich in perspective and offer invaluable insights. We’ve heard more about the need for a measurable framework for skills and the different ways Skills Builder principles of best practice can be achieved. Some stand out discussions so far this year include: 

  • The ‘future proof’ nature of essential skills. Skills Leaders reflected on the changing nature of the world of work, and the need to equip students with the type of knowledge and skills that will withstand changes in technology. 
  • The teachability of essential skills. One Skills Leader shared that before they began the Global Accelerator programme, they did not know skills could be taught. Now they have a systematic way to teach and measure the essential skills through the Universal Framework
  • The meaningful impact for students. Many Skills Leaders reflected that the Global Accelerator Programme has developed their students employability skills for an increasingly competitive job market. A Skills Leader shared her reflection that because of these skills, their students are emerging as winners.

The Training Days have also enabled Skills Leaders to develop clear plans for their programmes moving forward, including:

  • Widening the programme across the school and introducing it into other areas of school life, such as sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • Using the framework to build teachers’ essential skills.
  • Improving methods of assessment and introducing student self assessment of their own essential skills. 

Experiences of Training Days

It’s always great to see the impact Skills Leaders get from Training Days, from the dynamic of the sessions, to the content:

“I’ve enjoyed working in a small group. Our Education Associate is very encouraging and open to new ideas. She is always trying to find a way to make our ideas work.”
Skills Leader, Spain
“The training was well delivered and engaging, so I think there is nothing else that should be done to improve the training.”
Skills Leader, India 
“We were given ample examples of best practice from different schools and it gave us lots of ideas to implement the use of resources from the Skills Builder hub effectively.”
Skills Leader, India 

Thank you to all our fantastic Skills Leaders who have made the 2024 Global Skills Leader Training Days such a success. 

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