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The reimagined Skills Builder Hub
September 17, 2019

Everyone needs eight essential skills to succeed – whatever their path in life. But how do we teach them? At the Skills Builder Partnership, we’re bringing together educators, employers and skills-building organisations around a shared approach.

We’re excited to announce the reimagined Skills Builder Hub. We’ve added a suite of new and upgraded resources for building essential skills, which join the huge range already available. We’ve made it easier to find the right resources for everyone, while helping you see the impact.

It’s all underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework, which breaks each skill down into teachable, measurable Steps. Every part of the new platform has been designed with the Skills Builder Principles in mind:

Browse & filter resources

To keep things simple, all resources are linked to the Skills Builder Framework. You can filter by the skill you want to teach or the step you want to practise, as well as by length and type of activity.

Something for everyone

It’s important to start young, and keep going, so we provide resources for those with very little experience right through to highly skilled individuals.

See the impact

To help measure it, group-level formative assessment is weaved throughout the Hub. First, we’ll help you reflect on what your groups can already do. Then we'll show you the progress they make over time.

Use the right resources

A tight focus that builds on prior learning is crucial for progress. On the group Overview, you can see which Steps your groups have mastered, so you can teach exactly what they need to learn next.

Build skills over time

So that you can keep practising, we've included an improved Favourites tab. Click ‘Add to Favourites’ next to resources you want to come back to.

Make it relevant

To help bring it to life, there's even more focus on essential skills throughout the activities, and often a big question to frame the learning. We always use real-world scenarios!

So that’s the reimagined Skills Builder Hub. You can get started for free at skillsbuilder.org/hub.

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