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Universal Framework 2025 Review: Consultation now open

In early 2020, we launched the Skills Builder Universal Framework after four years of research and development. The goal was to provide a shared language and learning and assessment approach for these transferable skills. 

Since then, it has had widespread adoption backed by 900 education institutions, impact organisations, and employers in more than 20 countries. It has helped strengthen the evidence base for how essential skills support employability, earnings, and job and life satisfaction. 

Shaping the evolution of the Universal Framework

Since 2020, we have seen huge changes in the way we learn, live and work. But our mission remains the same: to ensure that one day everyone builds the essential skills to succeed.

To support the ongoing evolution of the Universal Framework, we are conducting an Open Consultation as part of the 2025 Universal Framework Review. This marks a critical step in its planned review after five years of implementation.

We value your insights whether a regular user or not. Your insights are crucial in shaping the development of the Universal Framework for summer 2025 and beyond - whether reflections on the skill language, step ordering, or any extra tools and resources that might help.  

Depending on how much you share, the consultation takes just 5-15 minutes. Anyone can respond, and the consultation closes on 30 June 2024.

Take part in the Universal Framework Open Consultation

Complete the Universal Framework Consultation.

Thank you for contributing to the future of essential skills development. Your input is invaluable as we continue to refine and improve the Skills Builder Universal Framework.