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Webinar: A Spotlight on Staying Positive

On 9th June our Director of Development Rosa Morgan-Baker hosted our first webinar based around the Skills Builder Framework, with a spotlight on Staying Positive. This essential skill is needed across contexts - all through education and on into employment and beyond. You can watch the whole webinar, featuring an interview with our Founder & CEO Tom Ravenscroft, by watching the video above.

Want to get involved and start building Staying Positive skills today? The easiest way to get started is to start exploring the Universal Framework with our interactive tool.

If you're an educator, check out the Skills Builder Accelerator, our innovative programme for embedding high-quality essential skills teaching. The Skills Builder Hub also provides a huge range of resources for building essential skills for free.

If you're an employer, find out how you can support our work and build essential skills into your workplace.

If you work in an impact organisation, have a look at how you can build the Universal Framework into your existing programmes.

If you're a parent or carer, check out the Skills Builder Home Learning Hub, where you can find free resources for building essential skills in a home setting - including Daily Challenges.

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Take your learners on a journey of essential skills development through practical and engaging teaching like challenge days. Explore the possibilities on the funded Global Accelerator programme for educators worldwide – apply now.