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What's been going on in April 2019
May 16, 2019

Hello! We can't believe an entire year has gone by since we launched the Skills Builder Partnership. The enthusiasm and momentum have been fantastic: we've seen the Partnership expand across the country - from schools and teachers to employers and organisations.

In this update are some brilliant examples of our employability work with college-age students, plus new partnerships with Envision and iDEA. Plus, there are now over 4,700 educators using the Skills Builder Hub to teach essential skills, hailing from all over the world.

We're excited about seeing many of you on the 17 May for our annual Partnership Day, and we're really looking forward to another year working across sectors to ensure everyone develops the essential skills to succeed.

Schools news

As college-age students approach the world of work, it’s crucial that they get an opportunity to develop the eight essential skills they’ll need to be successful in their future careers. Haringey Sixth Form College in London joined the Partnership earlier this year, and staff have undergone training on how best to develop essential skills in the classroom. As part of their work experience week, we ran a Commit to Confidence Challenge Day session with several groups of students over the course of a day, giving them a chance to apply their Creativity, Teamwork and Presenting skills in a marketing task.

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Skills Builder Hub news

There are now are well over 4,700 educators on the Skills Builder Hub, all using our huge range of resources to build essential skills. We're delighted to have users hailing from from countries all over the world, including Nigeria, Brazil, India and Romania, and we're excited to see this global reach expand even further in future.

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Employers news

We're hugely grateful to all of our employer partners, who help us to bring essential skills to life with inspiring workplace trips. Some of our new trip locations include RBS Guildford, where students got a chance to see the world of work first-hand; and construction and development company Quintain, who are helping to support our work with schools in Brent.

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Organisations news

We're thrilled to have two new organisations join the Partnership! Envision helps young people develop projects which give back to the community, building the skills they need to succeed along the way. The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) helps people enhance their digital and enterprise skills with a completely free, open access learning programme with a wide range of bite-size modules. Both organisations will be using the the Skills Builder Framework to enhance and structure their work building skills.

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We're deeply grateful for all your support so far. Working together is by far the best way to effect real change - so please do continue to spread the word about the Skills Builder Partnership.

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