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Why essential skills are the secret to a healthy workplace
August 3, 2021
Anya Murphy
Communications Associate

In this recent article published by Forbes, essential skills were highlighted to be the 'secret sauce' of reconnecting us as we get back to the workplace.

The past eighteen months have brought separation and disconnect between so many of us, and in order to create a harmonious, connected and positive workplace, managers must make use of essential skills such as Listening, Leadership and Staying Positive to bring their teams together.

The article underlines that essential skills make all the difference in creating a 'humane, highly functional and healthy workplace.'

If managers are to empower successful teams, it is vital that they make their teams feel supported, provide a clear line of communication and work with a positive approach to new challenges.

Whether you want to improve your communication with your team, or you're applying for a new job opportunity, we can help you maximise your potential. Our organisation has launched a number of tools, such as Benchmark, Launchpad and the Hub to help you develop the eight essential skills to succeed, at any stage of life:

  • Skills Builder Benchmark - designed to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses within each of the eight essential skills, and identify next steps for development using personalised Skill Reports
  • Skills Builder Launchpad - short and engaging modules that support you to build every step of the Universal Framework, with real life applications for education, employment or wider life.
  • Skills Builder Hub - access a huge array of resources for teaching essential skills and tracking progress.

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