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Teaching resources

Our punchy 10-minute videos are perfect for short, focused skills building. We also provide a wide range of printable resources.

Check out examples below.

Video activities

Step 1. Select a skill you want to teach your class or group of young people
Step 2. Select the step to focus on, based on what they need to develop next
Step 3. Play the video activity (10 mins), and work through it with your group

Printable resources

Display materials
Posters for each skill showing a range of steps.
Reward systems
Certificates and tokens to celebrate students' achievements in developing the skills.
Practical guides for teaching each skill with activities for every step.
Skills passports
Learners can record when they have demonstrated each step of each skill.
Self-assessment tool
Printable assessment tool for self- and peer- assessment.
Additional support for learners
Resources to support skill development, especially for learners with additional needs.