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1,500 students ask 30 businesses their career questions in virtual Career Insight Sessions for National Careers Week

Skills Builder Career Insights sessions play an integral role in bringing essential skills to life for hundreds of students – in a realistic way. 

We had a fantastic turnout which saw 205 employer partners engage with over 1,500 students across our national network of partner schools and colleges on a programme with us. 

Discussions between employee volunteers and students help foster the connections between the essential skills that students are learning in the classroom and how they can be transferred into the real-world. 

63 impactful virtual sessions had volunteers from UK businesses encourage and inspire students to reflect not only on their learnings but also on the variety of career paths that exist and how the essential skills are crucial for their success. 

The Impact of Career Insights Sessions

Making essential skills tangible for our students

Throughout the week, students showcased their curiosity by posing thought-provoking questions to the volunteers from diverse industries such as finance, law, retail, and construction. 

Questions such as "What is the hardest thing about your job and which essential skills help you to overcome it?" and "Which essential skill will be most important for our generation?" emphasised the students' eagerness to understand the practical nuances of essential skills.

The impact of the sessions on the students' learning is immediate, with one commenting that they “have to present in assembly next week so I'll be able to use some of these speaking tips.” 

The students’ reflections of the sessions also captured the effect of the inspiration and role models. As one student puts it, "It's never too late to get your dream job, so don't give up." and another, “I learnt no matter how many times you fall down, get back up and keep trying”.

Highlighting the vital role of essential skills in volunteers’ professions

Over 200 employee volunteers from 30 unique businesses and companies made the most of this opportunity to reflect on their own essential skills throughout their careers. 

During the sessions, our volunteers practised and applied their speaking, listening, and leadership skills as they explained their roles, shared their career stories, answered students’ questions and provided advice. Their feedback reflected this, with one volunteer expressing, "I wish I had sessions like these when I was in school. The 8 essential skills truly are the key unlocking successful careers."

Lasting impressions on teachers and volunteers 

During the sessions, teachers were incredibly positive about how engaged their students were – taking in all the advice from employee volunteers reflecting on their career journeys. One noted the uncertainty of the employment sector but the value of the essential skills remaining constant: 

“We don't know what the jobs of the future will be, but it's fantastic to hear how these skills will help prepare our students.”

Likewise, volunteers expressed a desire for similar sessions during their school years, emphasising the timeless relevance of the eight essential skills in “unlocking successful careers”. 

When asked what worked well on the day, volunteers were eager to share their thoughts on their experiences:

I loved the fact that the kids could ask their own questions and give feedback on our answers too. I felt that the teacher/facilitator was amazing at keeping the energy up and making the kids feel heard and respected.”

Thank you

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of the Career Insights Sessions. They are an important link for students and employees to inspire young people about their options in the world of work, helping shape the future workforce and empowering those with the skills they need for success. 

We’re already looking forward to the next Career Insights sessions in the summer, and continue on our mission to ensure that one day, everyone builds the essential skills to succeed. 

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