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How to run a Challenge Day during a pandemic
October 21, 2020

We are so proud of the cohort of schools and colleges in the Skills Builder Partnership.

This academic year is unlike any before! In unprecedented times, lots of schools and colleges are maximising the impact of their programmes by using Premium Resources, including Challenge Days and Projects.  

Recently, we spoke to Catherine Young, the Careers Leader at Kingsbury Green Academy. In October, Kingsbury Green Academy ran the ‘Operation Moonbase’ Challenge Day with Year 8.

We are so grateful to Catherine for her time telling us all about it. We asked Catherine three questions:

1. Why is this an important resource to use now?

2. What barriers have you overcome to run this activity?

3. What has the impact been?

Take a look at the video below!

What is a Challenge Day?

Challenge Days have always been an important element of the Skills Builder education programmes. They provide an engaging and exciting opportunity for students to apply all eight essential skills to a hypothetical scenario. There are over 15 different Challenge Day themes to choose from, and you can look them all here.


My school/college is on the Accelerator this year and I want to run a Challenge Day, what do I do?

Contact your Skills Leader or your Education Associate to ask them about this option, you can take a look at all the Challenge Day themes here.

My school has Digital Membership, can I run a Challenge Day?

Yes! If you are on Digital Unlimited, you already have access to all 17 Challenge Days on the Skills Builder Hub. If you are on Digital Basic, you might need to add Challenge Day to your package. Contact us by emailing digitalmembership@skillsbuilder.org.

I am a teacher, and I don’t think my school or college has a programme, how do I run a Challenge Day?

Great! Get your school or college signed up to a Digital Membership. You can find out more information here and we will be running regular webinars throughout Autumn 2020 to find out more.

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